Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Could this be the start??

Tonight was... I feel... the start of something new....

Myself and Dan had planned to go for a wee paddle in the Don, just next to my parents house here in Kemnay. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of our friends to Kayaking and so we headed out with a few kayaks and the newbies to the clam piece of water next to the house... once we were there and getting ready to have a splash and let the newbies have a shot along came my dad.... Former Canoe instructor and founder of the Tweed Bank Canoe Club. :) I was well over the moon when I saw him coming with his Kayak as I have been hoping he would come out and show me how it's done since this new hobbie started.

And right enough he fell straight into the instructor roll and taught the new guys the basics and then once I got into the kayak I got a bit of one to one too :D was Fab. after having a wee paddle it was time for trying some bracing... and then some rolls... and of course Dad showed us all how it was done... It's been like 20 years since he was last in the kayak but he knew exactly what he was doing...... He still has it :P

After we had a shot at rolling it was time to get the newbies in the water again and show them what it was like to roll and we got them in the water rolling under the water and then helping them up just so they could get an idea of how it felt under the cold water and also how to get out of the Kayak if you can't roll back to the surface.

We had drawn a wee crowd by this point with my mum, sister and brother in law watching and a few other passer-bys It really was fab.. but after being in the cold water every one headed back to my parents house for a quick shower and a nice hot cup of hot coco. Its was really fab :D

I have a funny feeling... but could this... maybe... possibly..... be the very, very early days of Kemnay Canoe Club?

I don't know if it will be but only time will tell...

But having an other night like this will be for sure!

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