Saturday, 2 January 2010

Aberdeen Panto...

Well as you can see for the ticket above, today we went to see the panto in Aberdeen.
This was the Christmas get together with the cousins of the Sutherland variety from Fraserburgh. Normally we would go to them in Fraserburgh or they would come through to Kemnay for the day but this year we decided to do something a bit different and headed to the Aberdeen Panto followed be a delicious meal at Frankie and Bennies in the new shopping centre in aberdeen, Union Square.

Back to the panto....
Just the weekend before Christmas Laura and myself went down to Glasgow for the weekend to stay with my sister Linda and I surprised Laura by giving her a few tickets to Beauty and the Beast... now these kind of things are not really my cup of tea...
But both Beauty and the Beast and Aberdeen Panto were both very good and the enthusiasm put in to the acting at these things were great... I just don't know how people can stand up there and act in such a cheesy way making a fool of them selfs for the entertainment of others.

Like I said after the panto we headed off to frankie and bennies and we caught up with the cousins and heard what they been up to since we last saw them! was great to see everyone again as this is not a regular thing because apparently the kids have all grown up and are now doing their own thing and now live scattered across the country... but it great when we do get together.

Hopefully we will see them again soon in the not too distant future!

And thanks Mum, Dad, Uncle Ian and Auntie Elizabeth for treating us all to a great day out...
It's much appreciated!

Thanks! :)

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