Friday, 1 January 2010

My First Post....

Well it's the 1st January 2010.
It's a new year and as normal last night my Mum and Dad had there usual hogmany party at the house in Kemnay....
This is a anual party my parents have at the house, inviting friends and family to meet together and join in some games and fellowship as we enter into the new year!

The past few years It has turned into tradition for my dad to say a 'few' words to reflect the year that has past us by.

So last night after 12 O'clock we all took a seat with our drinks ready for a toast as Dad did his wee speech.
His blog was something that kept cropping into the conversations all night as his blog is full with so much information about places he has been and relatives and Friends who have been on holiday and keeping tabs on his blog would maybe help people when it comes to a certain game that is always played at new year in the Buchan house hold at this party!

You might wonder what the blog would have to do with anything... but the wee speech is normally about my dad's memories of the year. Something i only really realised last night when he was doing his speech was that I often look at his blog and more often than not look at past memories that my Dad had blogged. Things like holidays we have been on, wee projects he has done and grandparents who are now no longer with us...

I felt I would really enjoy to do this too, no so much from the writing side of things, as those of you who do know me know that I am no the best when it comes to my English! but having those memories blogged I thought would be a great thing to do so that maybe..... someday.... sometime..... in many many years time.... show my kids my memories and share with them things i enjoy. I have had great enjoyment out of following my Dad's blog. so thanks Dad!

Hope you and mum have a great 2010!

So there you go! A wee insight into why i am starting a blog as a new years resolution in 2010!

let's see how long it goes :)

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