Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yet again MORE SNOW!!!

Ok.... so this is just getting ridiculous.
Its been 3 weeks since the snow started and its never shifted yet!
Today at Jim Reid Vehicle Sales the agenda for the day was to move ALL the cars out of the yard as we had the diggers coming in to clear the whole yard....

here are photos from the day.....

This sounds like an easy day doesn't it.... but ill tell you it was no picnic!

First thing was to try and clear off the foot of snow that covered the cars, only problem was that the first layer of snow they fell on the 3rd of January was just a nice thick layer of thick ice! which was hard to get off the cars...

Second then we had to scrape the windows so we could then see the number of the car which then allows us to match the key car with the key.

Third get the keys and open the cars row by row to get them started.... while we did this it was about -5... and the cars had be covered in snow for a few days now.. some of the doors were frozen shut which then meant we had to get warm water to pout round the doors to get them open!

Fourth, Once the cars had been running for a short period of time we then attempted to get the snow or should i say Ice that fell on the 3rd of January off the cars... now the heat from the inside of the car had warmed up the body of the car the ice was slightly easier to get off!

Fifth, we had to then dig the car out of the snow which surrounded each car which was well over 10 inches and even more in some places.

Sixth, Eventually we manage to pull each car, one at a time, out from the yard while one of us drove and the the other 2 pushed and then parked them in to the customer car park.

That was the cars now clear of snow and deiced. The digger driver then cleared all the snow from the yard and piled it up round the side of the yard... the piles of snow will last till August I reckon! ha ha

By this time it was about 12:30 noon. so time for a quick lunch. By the time we had taken care of some phone calls and sold a car we then headed out to move the cars back into the yard and guess what!
Yip you got it more snow and in the time it took us to move the majority of cars back to the yard the was about a fresh 2 inches fallen! By the time we had got allt he cars back in the yard, Lined up and all the keys back in and job finished it was about 4PM

so I was a crazy day and all the hard work we had done felt like it had all been undone when that lot of snow came again!
I just hope that this is it finished now!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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