Monday, 4 January 2010

More Snow...

Well well....
Today was the last day of my holidays so it's back to reality tomorrow.
Not such a bad thing, as sad as it sounds I do miss work when i'm not there!

But like I said today was my last day so had to make the most of it... after spending the morning saying cheerio to Jen and Linda and got all tidied up I then spend the remainder of the morning with Laura watching TV and surfing Facebook.... That was then followed by lunch from JG Ross in Kemnay then the afternoon was spent making a Igloo with Laura, Liam and Ian.

This was great fun! it's been years since i last made an igloo!
Wee used a big plastic box and packed the snow into it to make the bricks which then were placed one on top of an other to create the walls AND the roof of the igloo! Was FAB!
Here are some photos.

Like I was a great afternoon, felt like a big kid again!

After we had finished Jim ( Laura's dad ) after taking some photos decided to join us for a snowball fight which was rather entertaining indeed! 3 against one though... no soo fair!

As we all sat inside after tea and watched TV the snow had started again outside and in the past 3 hours there has been a good few inches fallen, and as i look outside now the sky looks heavy as it continues to snow....

Here is a photo I have just taken.

It's just taken from the back door but all the paths that were clear and the roads that were clear are now no longer clear! As i drove home from Laura's at 9:30 PM there looked to be a good couple of inches lying even on the roads! It was not good to drive on! And Laura has informed me that the academy is closed to transport pupils tomorrow!
Just as well! but it's crazy to think that the headlines are that the worst is to come!

Anyhoo! Hope you all stay safe with all the snow!


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  1. awww the Christmas tree is looking sooooo pretty tho! i'm glad i came down to Glasgow today tho! XP

    gd igloo! I reckon the last time was prob when i was in 5th year and you 'n i made an igloo instead of me studying for my higher prelims LOL!

    We using a safeway green box then... what did you use this time?!

    Miss you already - Big hug from Abbie xxx