Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ok... so this morning I awoke, and on my journey to the bathroom to have my shower like i do every morning, I once again found Abbie ( my sister linda's dog ) had left a wee present for me. this is the 2nd time she has left a present for us in the morning during this festive period.
Incase you haven't worked it out, Abbie had pooped!
This is not normal for Abbie to do this as she is really a very good dog and the reason for her leaving these presents was because she wasn't feeling well and after church this morning we arrived home to a very peilly wally Abbie Babbie!

Linda phone the vet and we got an emergency appointment in Oldmeldrum where Abbie got a few injections to help with this infection she had. So through out the day Abbie has been very sleepy and here are some photos of her through out the day!

I Hope Abbie gets better soon! She is away home to Glasgow tomorrow :( but i'm sure ill see both Abbie and Linda again soon!
Was good seeing them and i'll miss them when they leave!


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  1. haha = there were BIG snores coming from mum!!! XP