Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Another day with more snow....

Soo another day.... back to reality after the long break off work at new year...
But I stand corrected, Turned up at work this morning just before 8AM to firstly drive the car in through the gates in to about a good 8 inches or so of fresh snow! This snow came up above the bottom of the car so the front bumper was acting as a bit of a snow plough and as you could guess the car didn't last long and I landed up stuck in the middle of the carpark.

First job of the morning was to start to clear the snow which was hard going, a very good work out! was starting to think I was going to turn into the hulk and burst out my shirt and Jacket!

Here is a video from First thing this morning....

but after having a good go at it Jim ran into the digger driver from D&E Macky contractors from round the corner from us and he came to clear the yard for us! was amazing that what took us like an hour he did in like 2 minuets. It's Crazy!

He is a wee Vid Liam Took....

So that is work...
I was on my way home to then get stuck on the entrance into the car park at the house in Kemnay, so once again i was out the car and shuffling more snow. I got the car into the middle of the carpark then decided to just abandon it and go for tea... I then went out to clear the carpark after tea so i could get the car in to find that everyone else on tge street must have thought it was a good idea too and tried getting their cars out.. so I spent more time helping them get their cars out and cleared of snow!

Here are some photos of Kembhill Park!


  1. wow its sooooo pretty XD wish we got more snow =(

  2. Nice pics and video - remind me to show you how to link in your videos - it took a long time to load out here - prob best to publish to YouTube and link to there ;-)